Please fill in the form below to apply to become a member of the Dolphinz Basketball Club. We have both Playing Memberships and Non-playing Memberships available. As a Playing Member you will be entitled to the benefits outlined under the 'Benefits of membership' tab to the left of this one and will be required to pay the yearly subscription of $250 pa. ($125.00 half-yearly). If your Playing Membership lapses and is not renewed by you, it will change to a Non-playing Membership. 

Note that to play for a DOLPHINZ TEAM you must first APPLY to be a registered CLUB MEMBER by completing and submitting the form below. Acceptance as a member (either Playing or Non-playing) is at the discretion of the committee.

     Note for Dolphinz Pupz Junior basketball training enrolments under ROLE please select PUPZ age group            
     fees for PUPZ are as per the PUPZ web page    $10 per child per session term ($100 per term)                    

Terms and Conditions

The Dolphinz Basketball Club is an incorporated society and is governed by the Club Rules/Constitution.

Below is an excerpt from the Club Rules. The full rules can be found under the 'Documents' page of this website.

16.0 Obligations of Members
16.1 All Members (and Committee Members) shall promote the purposes of the Club and shall do nothing to bring the Club into disrepute.
16.2 Each person admitted to Membership shall be:
a) Bound by the Rules, by-laws and regulations of the Club;
b) Bound by all codes of conduct, rules and regulations of the league or competition which the Club enters them in.
c) Liable for such subscriptions and fines as may be fixed by the Club.
d) Entitled to all advantages and privileges of Membership provided the Member has paid in full all applicable subscriptions, fines and fees which have fallen due. If any subscriptions, fines and/or fees are overdue, the Member may, at the discretion of the Committee, be prevented from participating in competitions and/or other Club activities until all overdue amounts are paid in full.
e) Responsible for notifying the Secretary of any changes to that Member's contact details as held by the Club. This includes postal addresses, email addresses and contact phone numbers.


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