AGM 2016 – 28th March 6pm

Annual General Meeting

Members of Dolphinz Basketball Club are hereby notified that the Annual General Meeting
of the club for 2016 will be held at 6pm, Monday 28th March at the Breakers gym at 7 Atlas Place, Mairangi Bay.

The agenda for the meeting will be as follows
a) Receiving any minutes of the previous Club’s Meeting(s)
b) The Chair/President’s report on the business of the Club
c) The Treasurer’s report on the finances of the Club, and the Annual Financial Statements
d) Election of Committee Members
e) Motions to be considered
f) General business.

As at 13 March 2016, the managing committee comprises:
President – Debby Stanaway
Secretary – Paul Lamb
Treasurer – Ben Todd
Committee member – David Thomas – Club Coach
Committee member – Werner Sievert – Asset Manager
Committee member – Cheryl Gush – Funding Manager

Of the existing committee Paul Lamb(standing for President), Ben Todd( standing for Treasurer), David Thomas(standing for committee member)  and Werner Sievert (standing for committee member) will be putting themselves forward again and Yenegh Badimayalew nominated for Secretary.  As there is space on the committee for 1 member, and there are 5 candidates at this stage, it is expected that appointment of all committee members will take place via a single motion at the AGM.

Can we have any nominations for Committee position (1 available – Funding Manager) IN BY THURSDAY MARCH 24th 

AGM agenda 2016      CLICK HERE
DBC Presidents Report for AGM 2016      CLICK HERE
DBC Treasures Report for AGM 2016       CLICK HERE
DBC Financial Statement for AGM 2016   CLICK HERE


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